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Amazonian Master Plants Retreat

One of my passions in life is that of the healing power of nature & the traditional medicine people of the world.  During my travels and on my own healing journey, I was truly blessed to come across the ancient healing practice of Ayahuasca Shamanism.

The level of healing & transformation that comes from these traditions is nothing short of amazing.  For the past 9 years, I’ve been coming to the Amazons and since 2015, every year to work with these powerful and remarkable medicines. I have been fortunate to come across the healing works of talented shaman. Ricardo Amaringo; Owner and Master Shaman of Nihue Rao Centro Espiritual. He is a talented healer with a funny bone. And it is my utmost desire to connect you with his medicine world, beautiful rainforest retreat center and village of family relatives.


The Master plants are one of the greatest tools we have for awakening humanity at this time. Ayahuasca can help us to open new doors in ourselves, enabling us to resolve painful wounds, spark creativity and new ideas, and gain profound awareness into the essence of reality and consciousness.


This is an invitation to step into the power & divinity of your own heart and remember truly who you are. If you are hearing the call, it’s time to answer!  Below are the details of the next trip I will be leading in January 2021.


Transformational Ayahuasca New Year's Retreat in Peru –   January 2 - 13, 2021   – USD  $3,636

Enjoy a journey to the heart of the Amazon, where you will experience some of the most powerful healing & mind expanding traditions of the indigenous shamans of Peru.This will be an intensive medicine plant retreat (dieta) designed to introduce you to Ayahuasca and the accelerated healing & deep psychological, emotional and spiritual reprogramming it can provide. There will be a combination of 6 authentic Ayahuasca ceremonies with one of the most skilled Shipibo healers of his generation, Ricardo Amaringo, and transformative workshops & integration sessions. The workshops are designed to help you navigate the shamanic landscapes and make the most out of the medicine journeys, facilitated by Samaya Rising.

You will be guided by Ricardo in ceremony with his powerful icaros to enable deep healing, which will be supported by diets with different medicine plants he prescribes to each individual. Based on the highest ethical standards, Ricardo’s shamanic work includes personal integrity on every level. Special effort is made by his experienced team to create a safe & peaceful environment which enhances the healing process.

The workshops with Samaya will:

  • Address a variety of core issues that plant medicine can heal and help you to align your energy & intentions to move towards your highest & most authentic self.

  • Give you tools to help navigate the ayahuasca experience in a safe way, while maximizing the learning and spiritual transformation it can provide.

  • Provide skills to assist your journey through different dimensions of reality.

  • Teach consciousness tools and explore ways to deal with & shift challenging experiences and uncover the gifts they often hide.

  • Help you recognize emotional ties, unconscious beliefs & ancestral contracts that are no longer serving you.

  • Give support with integration and provide some important tools to enable you to bring your insights & experiences into your life “back home”.

  • Learn background information about plant spirit medicine and the art of ayahuasca shamanism.


More details of the retreat :


This retreat is designed for those who want to fully immerse themselves in the power & healing these traditions have to offer. It is thus ideal for both beginners and those experienced with Ayahuasca who value a tightly held and sacred space to open fully to the mysteries that Ayahuasca can reveal.

Over the course of the retreat, you will access deeper levels of consciousness, remove blockages & negative energies and activate your own power. You will get a lot of support, with special attention given to integrating and anchoring your experiences towards meaningful change. You will return home empowered, with a new appreciation & clear direction in your life!

These retreats also tend to facilitate deep bonding between participants, which often lead to friendships, community and support networks which go way beyond the retreat itself.

The retreat will take place at Nihue Rao Centro Espiritual located 90 minutes outside of Iquitos along the Nanay River in the Amazon rainforest. The idyllic location and beautiful design allows for a peaceful & safe healing environment.

Included is a  “Jungle Tour” with Marco Antonio where you will visit Pilpituwasi, Fundo Don Pedro & Serpentario. He will also take you to Belen Market; the perfect place to buy retreat supplies such as mapachos, aqua de florida & palo santo. It is a great cultural experience.

Also, included is one bonesetter massage with Maria Luisa or daughter Amparo. They are invited to the center on Wednesdays and the weekends; the days off ceremony. Ceremonies with Ayahuasca are known for moving energies in the body; massages are complimentary body-work.

Useful things to bring with you:

Ziplock bags of various sizes. Bigger plastic bags as well, especially for storing clothes while here. It is humid in the rainforest, mold can build on your belongings. Tiger Balm-great for bug bite relief. Flashlight-great to have one with a red light setting for use in the maloka during ceremony. Water bottle. Comfortable loose fitting clothing- white is favored during ceremony (but it is not mandatory). Rain jacket, poncho or umbrella (for sun or rain). Flip flops you can muck up (rain boots are not necessary). Lighters, for candles and mapachos. A personal journal to write in. A watch and bathing suit.

What is included:

All transportation + food + lodging + wifi + laundry service included from Meeting Point

  • 1 night hotel accommodation in Iquitos (opportunity to meet the group in the city of Iquitos)

  • Dinner outing with the group

  • 10 nights full accommodation at a beautiful rainforest retreat center (includes all meals, wifi, laundry service and access to an art maloka / creative space) 

  • 6 Ayahuasca ceremonies with Shipibo Maestro Shaman, Ricardo Amaringo and his family

  • Airport transfers / transportation in Iquitos

  • Tour of the Belen Market; the perfect place to buy retreat supplies such as mapachos, aqua de florida & palo santo and a great cultural experience!

  • Sunset boat trip of the Nanay River in the Amazon

  • 1 Bonesetter Massage 

  • Individual program of master plant medicine for deeper healing

  • Individual intention session with Ricardo Amaringo

  • Transformational workshops and information sessions @ the retreat with Samaya Rising

  • Guidance & support before, during and after the retreat

  • 2 preparation calls(one-three months before) + 2 integration calls(within 2 months post-retreat) + 2 group calls (within 2 months post-retreat)

  • Guided botanical garden tour & educational session on Amazonian healing plants

  • Flower baths with healing plants

  • Hike to a local village to explore the jungle way of life


What is not included:

  • Flights

  • Travel insurance

  • Airport transfers in Lima

  • Peruvian visa costs (become active after 3 months in the country, currently set at $1.50 per day)

  • Any meals unless stated

  • Personal expenses

  • Tips / gratuities

Meeting Point:

Francisco Secada Vignetta International Airport (IQT) in Iquitos, Peru on Saturday, January 2, 2021. Marco Antonio or one of his employees will pick you up from the airport upon arrival. He is the same gentleman that will lead the jungle tour.

There are no direct flights available to Iquitos, therefore, one must have a connection point to Lima’s Airport: Jorge Chavez International Airport. Available airlines are Peruvian airlines, Star Peru, LATAM, Viva Air Peru.

Should you need assistance scheduling a flight; assistance will be made available. 




Please make a $1,000 non refundable deposit to reserve your place if you would like to attend. Payments can be made via Paypal, Venmo, Zelle or bank to bank wire transfer. Please be aware that there is a Paypal fee of 3.8% for credit card payments. The remaining amount is due by October 2, 2020. Spaces are limited to 10 participants. Payment plans are available. Please contact me personally for this.


Additional Information

Some medications such as anti-depressants or SNRI are contraindicate with ayahuasca use. It is important to disclose if you take any such medications or have any other health problems to the facilitator before you register for the retreat. A health questionnaire will be made available.

For more detailed information:


Call:            Samaya 913-999-3330  (United States) 

Your Facilitator ❤

Dominican-American born in Miami, Florida; Samaya  has been working with plant spirit medicines for the past 9 years. Her journey with medicine work began with mestizo native Don Jose Campos in Pucallpa, Peru 2011. As she continued working with Ayahuasca back home, her healing experiences opened curiosity for family and friends. Her individual healing work resulted in connecting many South Floridian seekers to the medicine. During her travels back to her spiritual homeland of Peru, she found her shamanic teacher in 2015. She is now an apprentice of Ricardo Amaringo; Master Shaman & Owner of Nihue Rao Centro Espiritual and worked at the retreat center for a year and a half as a translator and facilitator of his ceremonies. These blessings afforded her an in depth perspective of the Ayahuasca culture of the Shipibo indigenous people of the Peruvian Amazon. She expresses her calling serving as a guide and bridge-builder, uniting Western spiritual seekers with Shipibo indigenous wisdom. She believes that ceremony begins the moment we say YES to AYAHUASCA, thereby emphasizing the absolute importance and safety protocol of preparation and integration pre/post retreat. 


She is a Psychedelic Integration Coach and Psycho-Spiritual Mentor specializing in spiritual emergence with a Bachelor of Science in Psychology.  She is accredited by the Being True To You program founded in 2008. A program that is paving a new era of psycho-spiritual healing and addiction recovery offering a robust support program helping people to integrate their psychedelic treatment experiences. 


Samaya is creating a new paradigm expressed as the birthing of Samaaya Retreats where she guides seekers to the Peruvian Amazon and offers preparation and integration sessions “built-into” the cost of the retreat. This unique combination illuminates the importance of viewing Ayahuasca as a powerful medicinal tool that requires clear intentions and preparation for the most important phase of the journey:  the integration back home “Life after Ayahuasca.”

The Shamans & Healers:

Ricardo Amaringo is a Master Shipibo Shaman with over 40 years experience as a traditional curandero and ayahuasquero. He is one of the most skilled healers of his generation having refined his skills through intensive dieting and arduous work under his master, well-known Shipibo maestro don Guillermo Arevalo. Ricardo has now developed a profound knowledge of medicinal plants, traditional Shipibo Ayahuasca ceremony and is well known for his dedicated healing work & powerful icaros (traditional healing songs).He treats his patients through traditional healing diets, plant medicine and ayahuasca ceremony. He also trains and educates individuals interested in pursuing this healing path.Ricardo is blessed to be assisted in his healing work by his gifted Shipibo colleagues and runs his retreat center with the help of his western partners, Columbian-American integrative family physician Dr Joe Tafur MD and Canadian artist & healer Cvita Mamic. Website: 


A y a h u a s c a :

Ayahuasca, the word, consists of two Quechua words: “Aya” meaning spirit, soul or ancestor while “huasca” means vine or rope, hence it is commonly known as “vine of the souls”.


A potent brew is made from the ayahuasca vine (Banisteriopsis caapi) and the leaves of the chacruna plant (Psychotria viridis). The mixture enables one to access the energetic world that exists all around us and is not typically perceived in our daily lives. The Amazonian indigenous people have a great respect for this master “plant teacher” and it holds a prominent role in their spiritual healing and cultural traditions.


People from all walks of life, whether they be indigenous forest people, shaman, psychologists, therapists, spiritual seekers or those looking for solutions to health issues have experienced ayahuasca as a unique tool for self exploration, healing and spiritual expansion. Most have come to view it as a way to connect with their inner truth, despite western generated fear which has labelled medicinal plants as drugs and outlawed indigenous healing practices. The ancient medicine when consumed respectfully in a guided ceremony, it can enable you to:

– deeply cure, heal & resolve illnesses of a spiritual, emotional, mental or physical nature
– uncover your purpose and discover your destiny
– ensure success in your ventures & projects
– rekindle love & enthusiasm for life, and
– to experience the world as divine ♥

    W e   h o p e   t o   s e e   y o u  !


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