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Meet  Samaya

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Samaya’s path in numerology began in 2011 after traveling to the Amazonian rainforest to experience a  Traditional Amazonian Plant Medicine retreat. She goes by the pen name of “The Shamanic Numerologist” and has been offering professional sessions since 2015.

She is a Master Numerologist, "Clarity Coach" and Psycho-Spiritual Mentor specializing in spiritual emergence with a Bachelor of Science in Psychology.  She is accredited by the  Being True To You program. A program that is paving a new era of psycho-spiritual healing and addiction recovery offering a robust support program helping people with psycho-spiritual integration work surrounding transformational experiences.


She resides in North California, a hub for scholarly research on entheogenic medicines. Samaya is an advocate of the “Eagle/Condor Prophecy” – which fosters the vision of indigenous entheogenic medicines of the “North” [Eagle] and “South” [Condor] Americas uniting in service to bring a new level of consciousness to humanity.

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