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+ Numerology is a psychological self-investigative tool that informs and empowers us to become aware of the choices in our lives by using the divination of our date of birth and name. Numerology is a useful language to assist with understanding the emotional processes of our human journey. When we acknowledge the guidance provided by the study of numerology, we enter into direct communication with the Universe, understanding that we are co-creators with Spirit.

+ Numerology brings awareness on themes, cycles and patterns associated with the individual’s unique “energy signature.” Trans-generational, relationship, karmic and emotional patterns are illuminated to bring understanding of our human condition. It brings understanding of our strengths, shortcomings and quirks and promotes exploration of our very own family system.  An in depth study of numerology can open doorways of acceptance, forgiveness, inspiration and self- actualization.


+ Numerology is sought by curious minds seeking to understand the mystical relationship of numbers and the  Universe. To explore it as a language by Spirit.

+Numerology to be considered as an instrument of communication by Spirit, here are some further ideas;

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