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Meet Samaya

Samaya’s path in numerology began in 2011 after traveling to the Amazonian rainforest to participate in a Traditional Plant Medicine retreat, where she began experiencing a spiritual awakening. Afterwards, she became fascinated with many different modalities for attaining healing and spiritual guidance, and studied numerology, astrology, Gene Keys, and others.

Shamanic cultures, particularly the Shipibo lineage, are known for their icaros (medicine songs) that are personalized to each ceremonial participant’s intentions. After returning to the rainforest and training for many months, Samaya is able to use this ancient dialect, where her songs assist clients with their healing intentions.

Samaya works as a Numerologist, "Clarity Coach" and Psycho-Spiritual Mentor specializing in spiritual emergence. She has a Bachelor of Science in Psychology, and is accredited by the Being True To You program. BTTY is part of a new paradigm in psycho-spiritual healing and addiction recovery, offering a robust support program helping people integrate transformational experiences.

Samaya resides in Northern California. Her beliefs draw from the “Eagle/Condor Prophecy” – which fosters the vision of indigenous entheogenic medicines of the “North” [Eagle] and “South” [Condor] Americas uniting in service to bring a new level of consciousness to humanity. The main healing motifs she uses are “clearing” and “centering”, which together make up the theme of helping clients to harmonize their personal reality.