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S A M A Y . . .


Dominican-American with Indigenous Taino, African and Spaniard ancestral roots,   Samaya Rising is a Medicine Woman, Moon Ceremonialist and Self Love Guide that has been working with Traditional Amazonian Plant Medicine for 12 years. Her journey with medicine work began in Miami in 2010 and after several immersive deep dive retreats in the Peruvian Amazons; integration work has become a central focus in her offerings.


She served as a translator and apprentice at a thriving Ayahuasca Center where these blessings afforded her an in depth perspective of the Ayahuasca culture of the Shipibo indigenous people, a shamanic culture known for its unique high vibratory resonant “icaros”  (medicine songs).


She is a Certified Psychedelic Integration Coach, Educator and Embodied Wonderment Coach specializing in spiritual emergence/y, plant dietas, and her most cherished work, S e l f  L o v e. With a background in Psychology, participants are warmly held in their emergent process and supported through robust preparation and integration offerings.


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