Samaya Rising

Clearing & Centering the Inner/Outer Landscapes.

Helping people ..:: c r a f t ::.. harmony in their

personal reality.

How is Spirit guiding you? 

Allow me to bring clarity

Clarity Coach

Energy Healer

Infusion of Coaching, Meditation & Breathwork techniques, and

Shamanic Resonant Chants

designed to attune the Emotional & Spiritual Body.

Astro Numerologist Guide

Attunements to the Languages of Astrology & Numerology. Learn about personal cycles & patterns

Gene Keys Interpreter

 Synthesizing practical wisdom to help guide you to a deeper understanding of yourself and  true potential. 

A Mystical Exploration of the

Science of Epigenetics

Feng Shui Wizard

As above, So Below.

Entheogenic Integration Coach

Integrate the insights & teachings of your transformational experiences

Traditional Amazonian Plant Medicine

Retreat Guide

Services closed during

Covid-19 Pandemic.

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